Welcome to SHIV

Welcome to SHIV, where you can Share Heartfelt Invitations Virtually.

Our platform helps couples send out e-invitations for all their wedding-related events and collects RSVPs in a personal dashboard to plan, organise, and budget efficiently.

Weddings can be intimate or extravagant. Every couple has their unique vision of the perfect day, and here at SHIV, we can help you track all your events.

Aside from having your wedding the way you always imagined, you also want all guests to have a good time and feel looked after. While we specialise in Asian weddings, our packages are for any type of wedding — we are a diverse and inclusive platform for all couples.

What makes SHIV so unique

There are multiple unique aspects incorporated into packages that differentiate SHIV from other platforms.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • We’re Engaged, Save the Date & Thank you e-cards
  • 7 Ceremony invitations
  • QR codes for printed invitations
  • Personalised or generic invites
  • Use our design or upload your own
  • Up to 30 RSVP questions to choose from
  • Real-time RSVP dashboard
  • Catering planning
  • Bar planning
  • Mehndi planning
  • Destination wedding Planning
  • Guest family RSVP
  • Log all your gifts received
  • Add your own RSVP deadline
  • Export all data into Excel
  • Self-service – manage RSVPs yourself
  • Managed services – let us manage your RSVPs

Flexible invitations

SHIV offers you invitation designs for several events. If you have a specific theme or invitation design you want to use, simply upload it in your dashboard and write your own copy.

SHIV allows you the flexibility to invite a whole family to your main event while specifying which individual(s) and/or couples should attend other pre-wedding ceremonies.

Be clear about what events your guests and their families are invited to by choosing the following options:

  • You are invited to
  • You and your partner are invited to
  • You and your family are invited to
Or personalise every invite naming all your guests for each ceremony they are invited to.

Additionally, SHIV consolidates all your RSVP information into a user-friendly dashboard within your account, which is fully exportable. This enables you to share dietary requirements with your caterers, provide your Mehndi artists with a list for better planning and budgeting, send names to your organiser for personalised gifts and share details with your parents or family members at any time.